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Size: each flash has a minimum size.

It's not possible to get M/L designs in S size.

S motives are usually simpler designs, such as boots, flowers, and butterflies.

M designs typically include elements like tiger heads, birds, and ladies' face portraits.

L designs are more complex, featuring subjects like full-body tigers, full-body lady portraits, and vases.


Placement: Tattooing areas like the belly, chest, neck, and ribs will incur an extra cost of 50 euro

Unique Designs: Each of my designs is one of a kind. Don't worry—if the one you like is no longer available, I'll create a new variation for you without extra charge. :)


Multiple Tattoos: If you want to get 2 tattoos in one session, there will be 50 euro discount.

Upload flash screeshot

Custom Design Describe your idea briefly. Attach 3 references of my work you like, and specify what you enjoy about them (colors, textures, lines, and other details)


Cover-Up Follow the custom design process and include clear pictures of the tattoo you want to cover. Provide a close-up and a distant photo in natural daylight. Cover-ups are usually 4 times larger and involve more black ink. Be open-minded about the new design, as very specific motifs may not work.


Note Custom designs/cover-ups cost an additional 50 euros, depending on the project.

Upload refernces
Upload refernces


To secure your slot, a deposit is required within 4 days of booking. Please note that a deposit is essential for reserving a tattoo appointment.

Kindly be aware that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. It will be retained in the following instances:

*Cancellation of the appointment.

*Rescheduling with less than 72 hours' notice before the appointment.

*Rescheduling the appointment more than once.

*Arrival to the studio more than 30 minutes late.

*Rescheduling for a date later then 2 months ahead.

*Rescheduling time during for Guest spot appointment.

Thank you so much for completing the booking form journey! Once you've pressed the button- I will get back to you in few days provide details about flash availability, time slot offer and instructions for finalizing the booking.  

Excited to tattoo you! ❤️

Request has been successfully sent!

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