“RUNNING OVER THE WAVES OF LIFE” My bachelor Projekt in KHB Weißensee: Search Tool for tattoo stories, through a body scroll and multiplies Tags system.

The theoretical part of my bachelor work “RUNNING OVER THE WAVES OF LIFE”

the book offers diverse examples and assorted cases from the social and anthropological aspects of tattoo practices, throughout history, in order to better understand the sociological aspects behind the act of tattooing and its participants.

A selection of my previous experiments, transforming my tattoo flash designs into motion design 

Small selection of illustrations and motion graphics I created for VICE Germany articles on their snapchat discover channel, during my job as a junior art director.   

Some graphic motion I did for Sova Magazine

For the Adult issue that published in Ocober 2017.

I created a special typeface, "fritz_3000" which was used on the cover and in some of the article titles.


For the upcoming issue "Antifa Europe"

I designed  motion graphic for promotion purposes on Social media.

"Tolerate" is a short animation video that that I made in a collaboration with the sound artist Dane Joe and the lable "Baby Satan Records". 


The work mix 2 tracks from the album "New Age".